Our vision is to become the preferred financial services provider for the hard-working, never say die, entrepreneur

Why will this solution work for you

While a bank’s decision to provide you with credit hinges on your past credit history, Setana’s decision is based on who you are becoming and that is evident in your earnings and consistency. This increases your chances of qualifying.


Moreover, our cost for providing this service to you is transparent, with no fees or interest charged over and above the subscription. Because no interest is charged, you do not risk falling into over-indebtedness with us. Did someone say Netflix for finance?

NO interest charges, NO late penalties, NO hidden fees

Whether you have an office, operate from the back of a van or simply take a walk to your next customer, you are an entrepreneur – the backbone of this economy and you deserve to be seen. Suffering unexpected setbacks in business is the norm. When this happens to you, don’t feel stranded and live with financial insecurity. Setana provides affordable and simple finance customised to help you smooth out your cash flow cycle while you focus on continuing to provide quality services to your clients! All for an affordable subscription.

Hassle-free finance and funeral cover when you need it

We are a subscription-based service. For a subscription fee that you can afford, you get access to credit at no further charge, fee or interest. Furthermore, a Setana subscription also gives you access to a funeral benefit* to ensure a dignified transition for your family in the event of life’s most painful inevitabilities. Repayments of the capital lent to you are spread into monthly instalments. You remain eligible for the credit you qualify for so long as you remain consistent with your subscriptions and capital repayments. Also, your information is safe with us. Important: The credit is only available to be used for your business expenses and is not to be used to supplement personal finances. As a responsible finance partner, we seek to encourage healthy money habits for the entrepreneurs we work with and so cap the number of drawdowns under your subscription plan to four per year. In a pinch and need finance past this point? Talk to us, we always want to serve.

This product is administered by Oats Risk Services an Authorized Financial Service Provider (FSP: 49169).