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Empowering Partner Drivers for Sustainable Growth

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Get access to a Fuel Card with up to R3000 to spend every week

Don't let low fuel slow you down!

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What is KiloMITA?

KiloMITA is an innovative membership club specifically designed to address the challenges faced by partner drivers in managing their petrol expenses. Recognising the financial strain on drivers and the critical role of cash flow in their businesses, KiloMITA offers a unique solution that not only eases the burden of petrol costs but also aims to unlock greater cash flow opportunities for drivers.


Are you a Partner Driver with UBER?

Get access to a Petrol Advance of up to R3000 every week for a subscription fee of R150

An annual once off membership fee of applies (refundable - Ts & Cs apply)

Terms & Conditions Apply

Joining Fees

Joining Fee

Petrol Allowance per week

Weekly Subscription Fee

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Key Features

Weekly Petrol Advance

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Annual Membership Fee

  • Members of KiloMITA enjoy a petrol advance of up to R3000 every week

  • This advance is provided for a subscription fee of R150, making it an affordable and valuable investment for partner drivers

  • A one-time annual membership fee unlocks the benefits of KiloMITA for drivers (can be refundable - Ts & Cs Apply)

Business Growth Support

  • By alleviating the immediate burden of petrol costs, drivers can focus on providing excellent service and taking more trips

Cash Flow Optimisation

  • KiloMITA's weekly petrol allowance ensures that drivers have immediate access to funds to cover their petrol expenses

Convenient Application Process

  • Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, drivers can easily submit the required documents for membership consideration and money will be released immediately

Eligibility Criteria

To become a KiloMITA member, partner driver must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Provide an 8-week Uber earning worksheet, averaging at least R5000 per week

Maintain a rating of 4.8 and above

Have been operational for a minimum of 1 year

Use a car model from 2017 and above

Submit a 6-month bank statement

Submit Cancellation rate

Submit driver permit and SARS number

By becoming a member you can experience financial relief, enhanced cash flow, and a supportive community dedicated to your success!


KiloMITA is an official product of Setana Capital. Setana Capital (Pty) Ltd is a registered credit provider, with NCR License: NCRCP13583 under Hlomile Capital (Pty) Ltd​. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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